Monthly Archives: May 2009

Anniversary 1

It’s been an year since I came back from the U.S for the last time.One year since I started doing a lot of things differently in my life.

Work related updates 2

Been a long time since I talked about anything related to work. Well, as I said earlier I work with my partner on the consultancy, brokering work too now. Been working on a couple of new projects there. Went to Vizag for a day on related work.The services website is almost done and I’m very Read more…

Gyan 0

6 things you can do when you lack discipline – Nah, I don’t need them, it’s just for you people. I am too damn good to lack discipline.

Building an online identity 1

So you hear/read/get to know about this person. What do you do when you want to find out more about him/her? Google them, right? No? Ok if your answer is no, then maybe you shouldn’t really read any further. But that is what I do first. And, that’s why building an online profile is extremely Read more…