Monthly Archives: August 2009

Running to stay in the same place! 1

Ok the title may not really mean anything (or it just may!). I’ve been letting up on posting updates on this blog, not because of lethargy but mostly because I don’t have enough time. Anyway, today i’m steeling myself to put something up because I’m happy I solved, rather implemented one small feature in Tripnaksha. Read more…

Reading update 0

Finished – Star Craft: Shadow of the Xel’naga (Gabriel Mesta) Loved it. Haven’t read any of the Star Trek or Star Wars series, but this one was a true masala sci-fi novel. Galactic battles, mysterious alien artifact, frail humans.

Reading update 0

Finished – Toxin – (Robin Cook) I would probably have liked this book when I was in college. Now, it just bored me. More melodrama than I could bear. Started – The Golden Cat (Gabriel King)