Another wedding 2

Came back from Charush’s wedding yesterday. Visited the Taj (as the wedding was in Agra) on the sidelines and also met up with Charul and Avdesh (college classmates) in Delhi. For the first time, I felt that the weather in Hyderabad was much better than that in the place I visited for the first time. The wedding and the trip overall was very nice, lots of traveling though. Also amazed at the new departure terminal in Delhi airport – very nice (Hyd airport is very new and really good anyway).
Work’s crazy as ever, still working on streamlining all work at our placement agency. I wish I had one good friend who was into website designing – need a heck lot of help for TripNaksha, and i’ve not been able to give enough time and solve usability issues. Gotta get to it soon.

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