Brexit to an outsider

Sure, EU will be a weaker world power without GB. Maybe, GB will probably end up opening its borders without having a say in EU policy. Maybe there will be a lot of financial turmoil too in the next couple of years. And it is too bad that the people who will have to live

The mother of all list challenges

I was wondering if someone would nominate me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – nobody did. I was wondering when someone would nominate me for the Booklist challenge – and someone did. But being the startupper that I am – I could not resist starting a challenge of my own. So here it is

Good things about India

Everything is fixable. Most products are available in small packs. Nobody trashes a product just because it is not working. There is probably a way to fix it and fixed it will be. Almost a slap on the consumerist economy. From coffee powder to cars, most things are available in smaller sizes. Less wastage and