Was on the phone, gtalk for close to four hours today. Was talking to Pinaki and another guy about the mobile VAS idea. It was so hard to find a decent, free web conferencing facility where I didn’t have to install anything. And with STD rates (Pinaki is in Mumbai and the other guy in Bangalore) being what they are, it still is pretty expensive to conference on the phone, especially for this long. We tried Dimdim, which I’d seen working on Sramana’s conferences. But the time lag was just too long. Gtalk is pretty straight forward and quick too, but we can’t do a conference on it. And, Pinaki couldn’t install skype because it was his official laptop. We did finally end up conferencing on the phone itself. I have to get Empathy working on Ubuntu too, so that I can chat on gtalk from my own notebook instead of switching to a friends’ XP computer.
I just came back from a play at Taramati Baradari, it was by the Chennai based Evam theater group and was titled ‘Python Hyssteria’. It was an attempt at doing something like the Monty Python sketches. Some of the sketches were pretty good too. For the fillers they had some dancers come in and dance and occupy peoples’ attention while they changed the props. Not as professional as the last play I went to, a spoof of Hamlet directed by Rajat Kapoor, but decent enough.

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