Long time since I blogged. Have a lot of things to write, but haven’t had the time (read will to sit down and write) to. Anyway, inspired by a post on Upstart Advisors, I’m going to pen down my own half baked idea for the day. There are some more, which would do better out in the open rather than rotting somewhere in my notes as the projects to do ‘next’.

So how many of us misplace important little things around the house, try finding them and just wish that we could give them a ring just the way we could to our cellphones. Things like keys, wallets, etc.
Here’s the solution I have in mind – tiny stick-on strips of sensors (which go on the thing you want to track) which can be programmed and detected by a base station. The base station should be a box you can fix on a wall or similar. The sensor strips will not have a power source of their own and will come devoid of any information initially but should have a unique frequency assigned to them. They should be configured from the base station initially, the base station should store the i.d and assign it a human readable key to identify (such as keys or cellphone, etc). When you want to find your misplaced item, you select the key from the base station and it will send out a signal at the corresponding frequency. When the sensor detects this signal, it should get activated and somehow convert it into energy (if not possible then give it a small energy source) and beep. Voila you find your misplaced item!
What do you think?
If you borrow this idea and build something, do give me 5% of your profits :).

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    doest it not some thing similar to RFID Technology ?

    i think it been used to track books in Libraries, Track Goods in Cargo services, Trucks

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    hmm you’re right – it’s very close to RFID. call it a miniature version and for more personal use. but if RFID hasn’t gotten very popular even after Walmart tried to push it, wonder how well this will fare.

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