Anyone who even remotely follows Indian rock music would know of Indian Ocean. Certainly, you have listened to (or at least heard of) Kandisa and Maa Reva?

Their music is so different from any of the other bands – they are certainly not ‘Yet another wannabe American band’. Their music – mainly fusion, includes traditional Indian musical instruments too. And the languages their lyrics are in archaic, long forgotten ones too.
Even after being so different from anything mainstream, they are a hugely popular band with nearly 70 concerts around the world every year. Being different also means they do not have a big record label supporting them.
Anyway, a non-fiction (India’s first on a band) movie on Indian Ocean is releasing in 12 cities (in Big Cinemas) on April, 2nd and I am helping promote this movie in Hyderabad. I request you to please watch the movie and spread the word among your friends and colleagues. It is only volunteers who are helping in promotions, so every bit counts. You can connect with them on social media like Facebook and Twitter too.
Here’s a trailer for the film –

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