Jowar Bhakri 2

I avoid having lunch outside, but yesterday did not have a choice. So, went to the Kamat hotel near Abids. This is the only place (I know of) in Hyderabad where they serve North Karnataka and Maharashtra style food. I’d been there before, but had Andhra style lunch last time. The Kamats are pretty famous in South India, you get a McDonald’s style (same flavor wherever you eat) lunchs in the Maharashtra style. We had a neighbour in Dharwad who was among one of the brothers. This is another lesser known fact – there are different Kamat hotel chains, and they are not the same. Anyway, the place I went to yesterday had some typical Dharwad fare – Jowar bhakri (roti), kaalu (pulses), kosambri (a salad with lentils , greens and grated coconut) and lots of other stuff served on plantain leaves. Although the cost was on the higher side (Rs. 90 per person), I can say easily that this was one of the best meals i’ve had in hotels recently. Here’s a picture of what I ate –

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