Long hiatus 0

It was a long break from blogging for a couple of reasons – I went home (Dharwad) for a week and before that, my internet setup was all but destroyed. latter was a good financial blow – had to buy a new laptop adapter and some other equipment, all because of a voltage problem.
I bought insurance for myself and got my purse lighter by around 10k when I was done. And, add 5k for the credit card bill. And I have a huge financial responsibility coming up soon. It’s not surprising how perspective on money changes after leaving a regular job. Earlier, I used to scrupulously calculate my bike’s mileage too, mostly for bragging about its efficiency inspite of being a very powerful bike. Nowadays, it is for obviously different reasons.

Anyway, I’m going to become an LIC agent too, I hope I can get a steadier source of income from that. Work has been picking up too. Spending a couple of hours everyday at my partner’s office (he’s given me a cabin, with a view). Have started digging contacts and setting up meetings with facilities managers in different companies.

Attended a T.I.E discussion about emerging opportunities in the internet space, got an idea which I have to work on . But, this one will have to be done in a big way if it has to be successful, so will have to create a do a lot of research, put together numbers and then draft a b-plan so that we (Pinaki and I) can approach V.Cs. Both of us are quite busy nowadays, but will have to make time anyway.

Attended an investors meet organized by the Ministry of Food Processing in India. There were ministers from the state and central governments, some other officials from the ministry too. Was amazed at the drive the union minister showed. Also, at the number and the participation of the audience (reps from farmers’ co-operative societies and entrepreneurs, etc). I did not know that the government gave so many incentives to this industry, but considering that only 7-8% of the total fresh produce in India is processed, it is a very good thing. The only problem I think is the initial capital costs involved in these projects, the government puts in a lot of money in the form of grants, loans, etc but any decent project will have to have atleast Rs. 50 lacs (Rs. 5 mil).

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