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(I suppose this blog will have more about what or how I think than work related updates in the future, because Tripnaksha and Hitchhiking have their own blogs and I do not want to mix both)

This post has been in my mind for a long time and in my drafts for a little less time than that. It has taken quite a few experiences (some bad ones – don’t they always build character?) for me to understand this.

I used to ask friends what was the one thing they thought was a negative quality in me – stupid question, yes. But I thought, an external point of view might catch something I was blind to. It was a stupid question because a. they may have the exact blind spot that I did and b. people may not be very judgmental or may not want to say anything bad about me. Anyway, that never really worked.
What did work, was introspection. And what’s the failing i’m building all this mystery about? It’s a simple one – I trust people too much. As a friend had told me about something else, it works both ways. In this case, I make great friends most of the time, but also come across some people who are not really worth trusting. And the root cause for trusting people easily – not being judgmental. I believe it is just not worth the effort – think of how much trouble it would be to have an opinion about everyone you meet and then store those opinions in your mind and then retrieving them the next time you meet them. I suppose I’m just too lazy to do all this. But, I then have to learn from the consequences. I sure have learned a little now, I listen to what everyone say to me but don’t give much thought unless they have shown the same in their actions. Do I like doing this? No, but I’ve seen too many phonies in the last two years and suffered too many times because of them.
Any suggestions on dealing with my problem?

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