New hires and a sketch 1

We hired two freshers to do sales full-time for our company. One is pursuing an MBA in a local college and the other has done a course in flight crew operations. Hope they can get us some deals now. They’ll be going out into the field today and will try to talk to managers there.
My computer started and stopped again. I’m going to stop tutoring the kids from next week – it has become too much of a hassle for me. The kids don’t want to learn, their grandparents and father constantly putting pressure on me, and the money isn’t good either. So, no particular benefit for me. I end my assignment there next Wednesday.
Planning for a 4 day trip to Vizag for christmas. Will be a much awaited vacation.
Swetha sent some pictures of a sketch she drew when she was in a training session – here it is. Good way to pass time in boring sessions, meetings. One time, I’d taken up to noting down all the words which would buzz my ‘bullshit detector’ in meetings. And I can tell you, there were quite a few of them. But people don’t have very good imagination and tend to keep repeating words. Pity that. Anyway, here’s the sketch.

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