Ok enough of the lazy bum act. I actually have some very interesting things going on these days.
I’ve asked a couple of friends to help me out with designing the header for TripNaksha. Pushkin had to go out of town over the weekend so couldn’t do it, Satya has promised to take it up after Wednesday. Hope they can help me out – I’ve spent quite a few hours already and couldn’t do it. I do not want to launch the site or submit it to the search engines till I get it to look decent.
I’d sent in a request to T.I.E for mentorship and I’ve got that appointment fixed for Sunday (this is for the new venture).
I am looking to clone DailyDump in Hyderabad, have already talked to Poonam (who is the brain and the force behind this company) and am attending a demo by the existing clone in town on Sunday too. Am planning to get experience and make this a pilot project so that I can get into the bigger market of organic manure and such with Bon Vivant.
I got an enquiry today from a Pune based importer (related to beverages) for setting up a distribution network for them in Hyderabad. Have to decide what to do about that tomorrow. Planning to go to Evam’s play on Saturday and also make it to the OCC.
So, as usual, lot’s of things going on at the same time! Which is the way it should be :).

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    Hey Ajay,

    Got to know you more thru ur blog…read many posts as I was interested how you completed ur shift from IT to Entrepreneurship. It appealed a lot more to me because I am in a way in a position as you were 1 year bac…MNC job and planning to jump to the startup bandwagon…keep posting


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