Practical PR and Marketing for Startups 0

A version of this article was published on YourStory today. Background I am writing this article after a few people asked me to put down the things I spoke at the April Startup Saturday in Hyderabad about Zero Budget Marketing and PR in writing. I am not a PR professional, I have however, experience trying Read more…

5 Reasons for the success of Flipkart 4

I enrolled to the Stanford University – Technology Entrepreneurship course and finished my first assignment today. The assignment was to pick a local startup and mention 5 reasons for its success. I picked Flipkart and here are the reasons I think it succeeded – your thoughts? Start-upĀ – Description of BusinessĀ – In simple words, Read more…

Things I want to build 0

Cellphone attachment to use a standard tripod with it. Wrist band cum indicator which blinks when you raise your hand (for cycling). Any of the many hacks on A super steady cycle mount for my flip

What should you do? 2

Try finding out what you don’t want to do. Instead of trying to find what you really want to do.Do not limit yourself.

Reading update 0

Finished – The girl with the dragon tattoo (Steig Larrson) Current – Quicksilver (Neal Stephenson) – 3rd/4th attempt

Travel and Go-UNESCO! 0

This year has been great for travel, check this out – Jan 1st Goa New years Jan 8th Bangalore Work Jan 15th Mumbai Marathon Jan 22nd Hyd Jan 29th Hampi 1st Go-UNESCO Feb 5th Hyd Feb 12th Auroville Marathon Feb 19th Ajantha, Ellora 2nd, 3rd Go-UNESCO Feb 26th Ongole Run trip Oh and noticed the Read more…

Check that to-do item out 0

So i’ve been hobbling the past few days. Which is an indirect reference that I finished my first full marathon at Auroville on 12th feb. The official certificates are out and my time says 4hrs 38minutes. And, i’m not happy about it at all (with my performance that day). Over the last 4 months, the Read more…

Stocktaking 1

I think I failed in achieving all three big personal goals I put for myself last year –Mastering Spanish – I started off well with my friend Marissa helping me out with grammar, etc. I try to keep up these using the audio books i’d downloaded and by keeping my default FB and CS websites Read more…

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Finished – Variable star (Robert Heinlein & Spider Robinson)Reading now – Quicksilver – Baroque Cycle #1 (Neal Stephenson)