Yesterday, Chaitanya invited me to his company office for a monthly event they have called Pizza and a podcast (although they don’t necessarilly eat pizza). The team has lunch together, listen to a podcast and try to map some of the things said in the podcast to their company and learn from it. Yesterday’s podcast was one from the Stanford e-corner collection by Greg Ballard called “Confessions of a Serial Silicon Valley CEO”. I’d already listened to this podcast, but what I really liked was the concept of the team sitting together and discussing it too. Note to myself – do something similar at my company too. However, the informality you can maintain in a software company is not really possible in a regular business, that’s something i’ll have to work on customizing.

At our recruitment consultancy (which I don’t talk about often), things have been getting better – good number of placements this month. I had customized a buggy open source enterprise recruitment software for using at our office so that we could track all activities in a better fashion. Still spend a lot of time fixing bugs which crop up. As expected, the employees have shown some resistance, but I’m being firm too. I think it’ll be a very useful tool as everybody uses it religiously. Plan to introduce a revenue linked incentive salary package too from the coming month.
Last week I met an eclectic group of people and loved it! Friday, a minister in the A.P government, saturday – Kcircle quizzers, where our team won the 2nd prize and sunday the Hash runners. I didn’t know how long the trail was, but ran nearly 10km. In hindsight, it was much easier running with the group than alone. Also, it was an offroad trail and although it was in a region I thought I knew well (very close to home too), it made me realize that I didn’t really know the places nearby. When I got there, it was a little surprising to find so many white people (in fact I was one of the handful Indians there), but I being the person I am, didn’t have a problem making a few friends. The funny ceremonies after the run are a bonus to running with the group.
Today I leave for Dharwad on a short vacation. Uncle’s family is already there, and Kiran and Srinesh’s friends (mine too since some time) also are coming over. So, it’s going to be a full house (more than full rather). Thinking of doing a 10km run on sunday in Dharwad too, with all the hills there it’s going to be quite a challenge. Hmm…
P.S – See Pushkin, an entire post without referring to TripNaksha! Oh rats, I just did :).

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