Date Title Link
April 14, 2013 Hindustan Times writes about GoUNESCO Treasure Seekers
March 1, 2013 Interview on 10yearitch – a India trip planning website Go UNESCO with Ajay Reddy
February 7, 2013 Interview on Techgoss Ajay Reddy: Man behind GoUNESCO
February 2, 2013 Article about GoUNESCO in Andhra Prabha, a Telugu newspaper Sahasam Cheyara Dimbhaka
January 13, 2013 Deccan Chronicle article on the GoUNESCO Finale Hyderabad girl jai bharathi wins GO-Unesco challenge
January 11, 2013 The Hindu article on GoUNESCO Incredible, historic India
April 19, 2012 Times of India article on Go-UNESCO TOI – Go-UNESCO
March 13, 2012 DC (English newspaper with the largest circulation in Hyderabad) writes about go-UNESCO DC – go-UNESCO
January 31, 2011 Skoda Yeti TV Advert Youtube link
January 16, 2011 Skoda advertizement in Hindustan Times Brunch (same ad appeared in Times of India and other newspapers too) HT Brunch
August 27, 2010 Mention as a member of Hyderabad Runners in The Hindu On the run and lovin’ it
August 8, 2010 My guest post at Hindustan Times’ travel editor’ blog Traveling on a shoestring budget
May 5, 2010 Announcement of my hitchhiking trip in the biggest Hyderabad news website City campers set out for the North East
March 21, 2010 Mention of Tripnaksha in Hindustan Times as a tool for trek maps Put it on the Map