I’ve been listing down topics about which I want to write but never get around to it. And when I do get to it, I don’t quite like what I write. So, i’ll just summarize and be done with it – why tax my brain when I don’t need to, right?

The cure to road rage and bad traffic
Take them horns away from all vehicles.
Imagine what you would do, if you could not honk? Do you feel powerless? Well, actually you were powerless even when you could honk – you just thought you weren’t. When you can’t honk, you will either swear or just be patient and let the moment pass. And trust me, you will tire of swearing pretty quickly. (Spoken with experience, have been driving without a horn for more than 4 months now)

Injury free running should be the motto objective, not a consequence
I was hell bent on finishing a marathon before the end of this year, and look what i’ve done. I’ve got a case of shin splints now in my left leg and it’s painful to run even a 5k. I will have to go to the doctor tomorrow and see how long I will have to rest – I hope I won’t have to give the Hyderabad 10k Half marathon in November. This lesson won’t be forgotten soon!

National Integration – Quick fix
Make Hindi the only national languaget (no, it isn’t right now – we have 18? national languages!). Oh yeah, there will be trouble with every state demanding that their language be given priority and what not, but I believe that language is the biggest cause for misunderstanding and it is not an insurmountable barrier. I would prefer that Hindi be the medium of communication rather than English. (Psst, notice the irony here?)

My weekends are busier than my weekdays, is that so with all unemployed people?

Bleat, bray, plow – One farmer’s journey across the pen, barn and the farm.

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