Ok the title may not really mean anything (or it just may!).

I’ve been letting up on posting updates on this blog, not because of lethargy but mostly because I don’t have enough time. Anyway, today i’m steeling myself to put something up because I’m happy I solved, rather implemented one small feature in Tripnaksha. Routes mapped on Tripnaksha can now be embedded on external sites – i’ve tested this locally and at the Tripnaksha blog but i’m waiting for confirmation from Pushkin who actually had asked for this feature in the first place. Once I get that, i’ll make the embed url available on the site.
I am working on changing the current template, most of the hacking is done except for one major problem – in IE 6 and 7, the map isn’t appearing correctly – the height and width of the containing div are being detected as 0px which is messing up the entire thing. Still looking for a solution. The template i’m setting up was suggested by Srikanth and i think it’s pretty neat. Let me know what you think once it is up online.
I am happy to see that some Google queries have been listing Tripnaksha in the top 10 results already, hope that happens for more after the launch i’ve been delaying since so long.
Work on the next venture has been picking up too. Members of Aashayein have been quite helpful in getting me in touch with some organizations in Hyderabad which train people in employable skills (for jobs in the informal sector). Thanks Srikanth for connecting me with them! We’re aiming for a alpha/beta launch late next month, which is quite an aggressive target.
I’ve also started trying to get some clients to sell insurance too – fast running out of money and at a time when I need it the most.
Leaving to Bangalore tomorrow to attend a college batchmate’s wedding on Sunday, kind of a get together as well as many of the KK (Karnataka group at college) gang will be attending too.

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    Hi Ajay,
    I tested the code u sent on a test html page and it looked gr8. Will be implementing your code in my upcoming post.

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