I wanted to write about this, but now won’t. Have got more important stuff to talk about.
Like, we canceled our deal with the company who where developing our website, so we lost about a month in time (nothing in money fortunately). Our CA had some personal problems and so our company registration has been left hanging. He should be back tomorrow and then we should expect some progress.
Met a big shot today at the Secunderabad club. If I can get .01% of his total project outlay, I’ll be a millionaire many times over. Got a lot of ground to cover before that though. But it certainly is a great opportunity.
For the mobile VAS venture, I designed a decently good looking website on Gimp and then converted it to HTML too. Learned a lot of new things.

On the personal front, met some great people recently, been hanging out with them too. So, weekends have been quite busy.

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