I finished testing my website on IE 7 today. Thankfully not too many issues. One tricky issue I had to solve was passing an XML string as a parameter to the onclick Javascript function of a hyperlink I was creating using dynamic HTML. Was working fine in FF3, but IE you know….Urrgh. Anyway, I am using a class called XMLWriter to build the XML and it had a ToString() function already – but it only put quotes on both sides of the string. So had to use encodeURI and put quotes on either of the string returned by this function. That did the job. encodeURI is a Javascript function which converts special characters such as ”, etc into string codes. Here’s the code –
html = “

View Trail” “


Anyway, now the website is almost done, have to talk to Vinayak tomorrow and ask him if he’ll build a template for me.

BTW, I was able to post the link above because of this website

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