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I really liked seeing some of the traffic islands beautified with pretty flowers. Realized that the objective was mere sycophancy when I saw today that the municipality was only doing this so that it looked good when a politician’s statue was erected. With the last few days left for the current inept government and the election notification not being issued yet, the government is sure doing every useless thing it can.
Finally have decided on the vendor for the new website, sent them the MOU and NDA to get signed today. I’m looking for a decent PHP developer to work with the vendor during the development itself. Let me know if you know anybody who is interested.
It was interesting to see how recently, traffic to my blog has been on account of the post about port forwarding. Hope it helped some of the people who came looking for it. Twitter has been sending quite a few visitors too. One day I should post about how I’ve been using Twitter and LinkedIn for networking.
Have been feeling very low since yesterday. So low, I watched t.v for a couple of hours yesterday – I usually don’t at all. I have been trying to integrate an extension to my Joomla website. But have not been successful yet. Learning stuff on your own is hard. I really wanted it to be done by this weekend, don’t know if it’ll be possible. Have asked a friend for suggestions on improving the look of the website too.

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