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I recently got my Joomla! website up on the internet, meaning bought a domain name and then hosted it online. Thinking of which domain to buy was an exercise in itself, but I had help from some good friends. Finally, I went with a suggestion from Bala (he owns a Telugu movie review, news site). I still have to iron out some issues which I encountered because of moving the site from my local m/c. The GD library for PHP is not available on the hosting provider’s server, if my request to install it is not accepted, I’ll have to make some big changes to have captcha working again. BTW, I recommend for buying domain names – they are charging $8.99 for .in domains and have some coupon codes which brings down the cost to $7.80 for .com domains. Also, x20hosting is a very good free hosting provider (their uptime has been fluctuating recently though). Filezilla is an amazing FTP client, it ‘just works’, besides being open source and free.
So, if you want to have a personal website up, it hardly costs $10 (with Joomla!,, x10hosting) + your effort.

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