What the slowdown has meant to me 0

Well, the pharma company deal will be getting delayed. They want us to do the trial in January some time and if they are ok, start from the next financial year – that is April. Too bad for us. But hopefully we’ll get a bigger, more profitable deal by then.
I talked to another I.T company on Friday, they don’t need a caterer right now. But they do have a need which I think we can fulfill. I plan to talk to Murthy today and send out a proposal as quickly as I can.
Debabrata Gharah pinged me yesterday and was telling me about his idea to setup a north-indian style restaurant in Bangalore. I to him regularly about how my business is going, etc. He had earlier run a similar operation as I am trying to establish now. He knew a bengali cook and they were serving about 150 persons everyday, but Deb left the partnership because the other guy was cheating. Anyway, I suggested that he get some market research done before they start, considering the money involved (about 25lacs INR).
Was talking to Goli boss too, seems like he’s planning to start on his own too. He has some ideas in the are he works in – something related to imports/exports. Anand told me that Manchi also was considering starting on his own. Well, lots of people want to be their own people. I wish them the best!
I cleared my IRDA exam on Friday, so I’m authorized to sell life insurance now. Bunked some meeting on Sunday because I was too lazy. Have to talk to the dev. officer about how to proceed next.

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