Been a long time since I talked about anything related to work. Well, as I said earlier I work with my partner on the consultancy, brokering work too now. Been working on a couple of new projects there. Went to Vizag for a day on related work.
The services website is almost done and I’m very happy with the way the developer has been working. The DINs are done and now I have to search for a new name for the company which will go with my partner’s astrological predictions. Have to finish this as quickly as possible. Then will have to start with the real, hard work.
The SMS backend application also is completed, but not tested yet. Once the developers give us an interface we’ll start checking it out. Will probably go with the same guys for developing the front end too, makes things easier to coordinate.
My Joomla website is getting ahead and will be done soon too. I had some very good luck in getting a free website of the kind I wanted. And this was the main roadblock for me. Now, I have to start filling up the static pages – that’s not an easy job at all.
Let me sneak in some off-work updates too. Am planning a trip to Dharwad early next month. Inviting some friends too and plan to go to Dandeli. I’ve spent my entire childhood in Dharwad but never been to the nearby places. Last chance now, as parents want to/will shift to Tirupati once Dad retires soon.

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    Hehe, dekho kya kya karna pad raha hai papi pet ke liye :P.
    Nah, i guess a more appropriate term would be deal fixer.

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