The inaugural Hyderabad Runners Club Run 2010 recently has been keeping me busy for some time now. Glad to report that the event went off well and apart from minor inconveniences, all runners were happy with the arrangements. I am also happy that I was able to run – just a 10k, but I started 5mins after everyone else and still finished first!

There are no full marathons in India after October (let me know if there are!) and I had earlier planned to run the Bangalore Ultra. But I got to know yesterday that it is a loop of 12.5k, meaning 4 loops to finish 50! The distance doesn’t really bother me but I’ll probably die of boredom before exhaustion. I have got a confirmed registration for the Mumbai Marathon 2011, but then my resolution to finish a full this year won’t happen if I wait for it. Still undecided about the Ultra.
I sometimes wonder if I have an unhealthy affinity to all activities which do not make me any money, and judging by my past record I am tempted to believe that I am correct. Or maybe I just don’t know how to make quick money. Only time will tell.

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