Recently, the people close to me don’t ask me what i’m working on, they ask me how many things i’m working on.

Yes, it’s crazy these days. At the office, i’m trying to install a software so that the placement consultancy (I work with my partner on that too now) work gets more structured and efficient. At home, I work mostly on Tripnaksha trying to fix issues raised by the initial few users and adding new features (being a lone developer is harder than being alone on an island). And, in between all this, I try work on our mobile VAS idea. Pinaki wants to go the VC way. I however think that it’s a huge time suck and we don’t really offer a sellable idea yet. I have a couple of other ideas in mind for that, but will have to get the rest of the team on-board too. Bon Vivant has been dormant for a while but i’ll have to start working on preparing a good company profile and financial details ready soon. An investment bank approached saying they had some clients looking to invest in food processing companies. Have to see how that goes. The ROC for the new company is finally done, the website is almost ready too. Now I have to get the important offline groundwork started. I am yet to find the pricing sweet spot too.

That’s about weekdays. Weekends (Sundays) go in a blur as well. I go to Kiran’s (sister) place in the morning and stay there till after breakfast. Serves me two purposes – visiting family and getting clothes washed :D. Usually head out in the evening with the Z gang. Haven’t had an afternoon nap (i’m not counting dozing off at my desk) in some time now. And get some 6 hrs sleep every night (I would reduce that if I could – IMO sleeping is a big waste of time).

I don’t say that i’m working very efficiently and still am working so long, I lose a lot of time every day – nearly 2hrs driving to and from office, networking with my partner’s contacts, movies, chumma timepass at home and reading – I gobble up a lot of articles passed by twitter contacts. My other reading (fiction/sci-fi) have been languishing though. As you can see from my recently read books list, I have been recycling books recently (and it’s not even an original Asimov but an authorized extension of the Robot series by some other author). And I wouldn’t say I have been able to give equal attention to all my projects either – it practically is not possible. But I think I’ve brought TripNaksha to a decent state where the core functionality at least has been implemented and pushed out. The next features will probably only be incremental in nature. That gives me some satisfaction – especially because i’ve built the whole thing after learning every technology (PHP, Javascript, Joomla!, Google map API) i’ve used. Also, inspite of putting the project on hold a couple of times (because of a tech hurdle or other reasons), I did not abandon it and came back to finish it. Leaving out of town this weekend. Did I mention I’d been to Dandeli with my mates in June? It’s almost like I have a trip every month. Here’s a slideshow of pictures from the Dandeli trip.

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