Random – Things done and yet to do 0

I was confused – about what to write here.

Should I write about the discussion (over email) I had recently about the act of charity and then on to objectivism, or should I write about the mistakes I made and things I’ve done in the last one and half year, or about the many other things I want to do next.
That’s what I think I’ll do – list down all that I can remember having done (in no particular order) even though it’s not an anniversary of anything and write down the few things I want to do soon. So, here it goes, what I’ve done first –

  • Failed at two ventures and on to the third one now – being extra careful with partnering and trying to get the biggest bang out of existing relationships.
  • Blown nearly 85% of my savings on my ventures – although not really spent it – yeah, it’s complicated.
  • Started running long distance
  • Attended tons of weddings.
  • Finally gifted sis and bro-in-law something I am reasonably satisfied about.
  • Been active in various groups and built relationships – Runners, Startups, so on.
  • Earned a great social circle and some very nice friends.
  • Learned the hard way (more than once) that trusting people on their words is not such a great thing to do.
  • Learned that I still love tech/software, only I don’t like services.
  • Learned that money is not enough to ensure success.
  • Doing crazy things is alright as long as you end up ok, which you cannot ensure and that’s why it is so crazy in the first place.
And now some things I want to do –
  • Run a marathon in under 4 hours
  • Qualify for the Boston marathon
  • Backpack across the east coast of India and then into Bhutan or to the north-east
I have consciously left out any goals related to career, I am not sure what I will be doing next and where I will be making money from. Sometimes, it is just too hard to decide which way your next step should be.
Update – I have also –
  • Sold insurance (LIC, which I still do)
  • Home tutored school kids – very hard, I now understand what it is like trying to make an unwilling horse drink water.
  • Home tutored the owner of a construction company – very good student with an eagerness to learn – but big problems with schedules.

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