Reuters and all 0

I spent the last two days roaming, a lot. Akanksha was here for a short trip, so showed her around the city. And, while we were having dinner at Basera last night, I got this call from a U.K number. Now, normally the only person who’s called me from the U.K is Koppu, and he only does it on occasion. And when I picked the call up, it’s somebody from Reuters! Now, that got me excited about the possiblities. Just think about how much P.R I could get if my company’s name was mentioned on their website. Anyway, so this guy says he’ll call back the next day because I was at dinner then. And, he did call – when I was having my lunch today. Well, asked him to call back in 15mins, by when I was back at my desk. And only then did I understand that this was a sales call – for some reports published by them. Anyway, after a long chat , various offers of discounts and my refusal to buy any of the reports, what did I gain? Seems that my company’s name is mentioned in one of their reports. That might turn out to be a good thing too. Well, I’ll just wait and watch.

BTW, my back is sore from all the driving from yesterday.

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