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I think I failed in achieving all three big personal goals I put for myself last year –
Mastering Spanish – I started off well with my friend Marissa helping me out with grammar, etc. I try to keep up these using the audio books i’d downloaded and by keeping my default FB and CS websites in Espanol.
Visiting Russia – I have had this fascination with Russia since I was a kid. Mostly because of the Misha magazines my dad used to get. My plan however was a non-starter from the beginning because I thought of going after winter had started there. Maybe some other time, or maybe after I’m done with traveling in India.
The Auto Ride – It was a great debacle. A learning in how you should always have a plan B and not rely on sponsors for the main idea. When the sponsor pulled out, the plan was completely crippled and that is not a good position to be in. It also reminded me why I don’t like depending on vehicles or external factors.

But on the other hand, had some good things going too. I hosted a few couchsurfers, started on a great new job where i’m learning product management too, organized a city marathon (I owe half my white hair to the stress while working on this!) and traveled quite a bit (if only the normal way). This year has already been a mixed bag – started with partying in Goa, then falling sick while still there and missing out on a week of my full marathon training. Wonder what the rest of the year has in store for me. But whatever it will be, it won’t be boring!

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